Zbůch 2015

Interdisciplinary workshop Zbůch 2015 or Vision for rediscovery of miner’s culture area in the Pilsen region will look for a development and vision direction for transforming the micro region of Western Bohemian coalfield and its centre – municipality Zbůch.

Even though black coal was mined there for more than 400 years, Pilsen coal-field has always been in the background of Kladno and Ostrava region. After a long period of being closely linked to coal mining activities and subsequently after damping dawn and finally after  closing dawn coal mining completely, this region at present is going through a process of looking for a new identity. Gradually disappearing traces of strongly industrial landscape are in contrast with absence of further vision.

The objective of this interdisciplinary workshop is creating a wide spectrum of students and projects of various universities which will contribute to the future development of this area. Let’s introduce to each other various approaches when looking for an identity of the place on local as well as regional level, from landscape through municipality urbanism, constructions, interior up to design, land-art and site-specific activities.

Join us in our way to rediscover the miner’s culture area and industrial monuments of Pilsen region, let us revive its history and long time forgotten stories.


registration zbuch2015@gmail.com

time schedule here

Industrial Topography / The Architecture of Conversion

The publication presents an overview of selected industriál buildings and sites that were adapted to new uses between 2005 and 2015 and are characteristic for this period, including even controversial approaches. The selection was based on a comparison of materials in the database created for Industrial Topography of the Czech Republic and considers the results of a survey conducted by the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University.

Industrial Topography / Zlín Region (DVD)

The twelfth volume of Industrial Topography is devoted to the Zlín Region. DVD localizes 234 buildings and sites and contains 4 maps.

Industrial Topography / South Bohemian Region (DVD)

The eleventh volume of Industrial Topography is devoted to the South Bohemian Region. DVD localizes 655 buildings and sites and contains 7 maps.

Industrial Topography / Central Bohemian Region (DVD)

The tenth volume of Industrial Topography is devoted to the main city Prague. DVD localizes 1223 buildings and sites and contains 12 maps.