Research Centre for Industrial Heritage FA CTU Prague, Vestiges of Industry Platform and Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

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industrial contexts


In a situation impacted by demolitions and the physical deterioration of industrial objects and by the pressure to demolish and to free up land for new construction but one in which also there has been increasing recognition over the years of other values –

the meaning of a place,
the remarkable qualities of form,
the aim of the new programme,

the architecture of conversions represents the consequence and outcome of a search for the right starting points, finding a balance between heritage protection, new creative interventions, and pragmatic recycling, an opportunity for bringing new ambitions to life, applying an artistic intention, and fulfilling business objectives, and a spontaneous effort to preserve what can still be preserved. It is a response to the changing atmosphere in society, a way of relating to the immediate environment, a more general tendency to create architectural work within a specific and often contentious context.

The exhibition presents the results of projects conducted over the course of five years (2015–2020) and ties in with previous events organised over the past thirty years, from the first Industrial Architecture / Unused Heritage exhibition to 12 Years Later, Vestiges of Industry, and What We Ourselves Demolished, to the exhibitions of the architecture of conversion organised in 2005 and 2014.

The exhibition will be open in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery according to the current epidemiological situation from 22 December 2020 to 14 February 2021.

Outcome of the project Industrial Architecture: Understanding Monuments of Industrial Heritage as Technical-Architectural Works and as a Source of Identity of a Place supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic under its NAKI II (National and Cultural Identity) Applied Research Programme (DG16P02H001).


organisers /
Research Centre for Industrial Heritage FA CTU Prague
Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

in cooperation with /
The Technical Monuments Committee
Vestiges of Industry

curator /
Benjamin Fragner

collaboration /
Dan Merta, Jan Červinka, Jan Zikmund

production /
Klára Pučerová, Gabriel Fragner, Klára Bártová

graphic design /
Jan Forejt (Formall)

installation /
Tomáš Valušek, Marek Majnuš

screening /
Jan Zikmund

editing of drawing documentation /
Jan Kuták


konverze_2020-foto_gabriel_fragner-01 konverze_2020-foto_gabriel_fragner-02 konverze_2020-foto_gabriel_fragner-03 konverze_2020-foto_gabriel_fragner-04 konverze_2020-foto_gabriel_fragner-05 konverze_2020-foto_gabriel_fragner-06 konverze_2020-foto_gabriel_fragner-07 konverze_2020-foto_gabriel_fragner-08

(photo Gabriel Fragner)