Bruno Bauer and the Industrial Architecture in the Czech Lands

In the Czech lands designing factories accompanied global advances in the development of economic and technical knowledge and experience. The direction this work took was determined by specialised design offices capable of designing the right operational plan, corresponding spatial layout, and construction design that was financially realisable while still meeting the demands placed on the physical appearance of the final work.

Zbůch 2015. Rediscovering the Mining Landscape

Publication is based on the results of interdisciplinary workshop Zbůch 2015 or Vision for rediscovery of miner´s culture area in the Pilsen region, which was held in October and November 2015.

Industrial Topography. Industrial Heritage and the Participation of Academic Community

Methodology maps the fundamental possibilities of participation, how to engage academic community in the process of documentation, evaluation, education and industrial heritage conservation.

Industrial Topography / The Architecture of Conversion

The publication presents an overview of selected industriál buildings and sites that were adapted to new uses between 2005 and 2015 and are characteristic for this period, including even controversial approaches. The selection was based on a comparison of materials in the database created for Industrial Topography of the Czech Republic and considers the results of a survey conducted by the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage of the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University.

Industrial Topography / Zlín Region (DVD)

The twelfth volume of Industrial Topography is devoted to the Zlín Region. DVD localizes 234 buildings and sites and contains 4 maps.