Factory Chimneys. Function, Construction, Architecture

In 1906, František Klokner (1872–1960) published his essay On factory stacks in the journal Vynálezy a pokroky (Inventions and Progress). He introduced the general public to stack functions, design and technical solutions, illustrating how record-breaking and outstanding stacks were built and also drawing the reader’s attention to their aesthetic qualities. This book draws on his important contribution and much broadens its scope significantly at the same time, introducing new facts that have emerged in the last hundred years.

Industrial Topography / Vysočina Region

The ninth volume of Industrial Topography is devoted to the Vysočina Region. Book localizes 683 buildings and sites in 324 items, contains 5 maps and 473 images.

Industrial Topography / Pilsen Region

The eighth volume of Industrial Topography is devoted to the Pilsen Region. Book localizes 783 buildings and sites in 349 items, contains 7 maps and 443 images.

Industrial Topography / Prague (DVD)

The seventh volume of Industrial Topography is devoted to the capital city Prague. DVD localizes 370 buildings and sites and contains 16 maps.

Industrial Topography / Liberec Region (DVD)

The sixth volume of Industrial Topography is devoted to the Liberec Region. DVD localizes 340 buildings and sites and contains 4 maps.