Industrial Topography. Industrial Heritage and the Participation of Academic Community

Methodology maps the fundamental possibilities of participation, how to engage academic community in the process of documentation, evaluation, education and industrial heritage conservation.

Observes the strategies, verified by long experience of the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage CTU, since its establishment in 2002, continuing at the Faculty of Architecture in the framework of the project NAKI since 2011. The methodology clearly summarizes recommendations for the work on thematically focused publications and database systems, the organization of research activities, professional meetings, as well as student workshops, competitions and exhibitions. These recommendations are divided into proven procedural steps, based on the specifics of the topic of industrial heritage  from initial preparations, through main activities and the progress, to the final analysis and the wide range of publications in the most appropriate, understandable and powerful form. The methodology is intended for researchers, educators and enthusiasts interested in industrial heritage who work at universities with a focus on architecture, civil engineering or historic research, but also for architects, State Institute for the Care of Historical Monuments, museums and civic associations.


Petr Vorlík, Industrial Topography. Industrial Heritage and the Participation of Academic Community (certified methodology), Prague 2015.

80 pages; Czech; scientific reviewers Eva Dvořáková, Naděžda Goryczková / proofreading Vlasta Popelová / graphic design Jan Zikmund / print Formall CWS / published by the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage FA CTU Prague

Download link here (pdf, 880 kb)