Industrial Prague

The book is an alternative guide to transport, technical, and industrial structures in Prague. It contains 325 articles, 506 photographs, and 17 detailed maps. It was prepared by the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage (VCPD) of the Czech Technical University in Prague, in cooperation with Prague City Hall as a part of Industrial Heritage Register project.

The buildings and structures presented in the book are arranged within the chapters according to their date of origin, and each chapter corresponds to a section of land demarcated and defined in the land register. The order in which these topographical sections of land are presented follows the pattern of growth and development ofPrague during the city’s history. The book includes buildings and structures from the fields of technology and transportation that have already been studied by experts at specialised museums, and industrial buildings whose value and potential for conversion to use in new functions are currently the subject of attention at the VCPD.

The VCPD primarily studies and focuses on the material remains and evidence of industrialisation, but contemporary trends and developments have a tendency to eliminate evidence of the past, which means that mention is also made of some structures that no longer exist. While contemporary production in the field of construction is impersonal in nature, the VCPD at all times endeavours in its research to determine who the entrepreneurs, builders, and architects behind each structure or building were, and the hundreds or perhaps even thousands of their employees are present in this text via the results of their work. This book is intended to serve as an alternative guide to Prague, a guide to the places where until now one would only have strayed by accident.

In 2007 was published full English version Prague Industrial, and a year later a second, expanded and updated edition Prague Industrial.


Lukáš Beran – Vladislava Valchářová (edd.), Industrial Prague. Technical Buildings and Industrial Architecture in Prague, Prague 2005.

280 pages; Czech, English introduction; 556 images; ISBN 80-239-6198-5 / na contributing editorial work Jana Absolonová, Lukáš Beran, Milan Blažej, Zuzana Drahotušská, Eva Dvořáková, Václav Dvořák, Benjamin Fragner, Jiří Grosz, Jaroslav Jásek, Šárka Jiroušková, Dana Kazdová, Zdeněk Kovařík, Matouš Králíček, Veronika Maňasová, Linda Mašková, Michal Novotný, Martin Patera, Lenka Popelová, Martin Šenberger, Tomáš Šenberger, Vladislava Valchářová, Petra Vinařová, Petr Vorlík, Jitka Zamrzlová, Michal Zlámaný / proofreading Marie Platovská, Eva Příhodová / index of names Marie Platovská / translation Robin Cassling / graphic design Jan Forejt / typesetting and print Studio Element / published by the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage CTU Prague in conjunction with the Prague City Council