Winternitz Bros. Mills

The publication Winternitz Bros. Mills has come out at a time when the future of this exceptional industrial heritage site, and the entire grounds of the former Pardubice Mills, is still up in the air.

The mills only recently ceased operations and the current owner is in negotiations to sell the site. The Research Centre for Industrial Heritage (VCPD) at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague organised a workshop to explore potential re-uses for the mills, with input from students, teachers, and various experts and practicing architects working in the field of industrial heritage and heritage conversion. Simultaneously a civic initiative has emerged called ‘The Town’s Mills’ (Mlýny městu), which, with the current owner’s consent, organised a several-week festival called ‘Pardubice’s Cultural Mills’. The book documents the past and historical development of this industrial monument. It describes the technological facets of the mills’ functions, discusses more recent developments affecting the mills, and examines the capacity of the town and The Town’s Mills civic initiative to influence its future. It also presents several student projects and concepts that explore possible future functions for this site.


Benjamin Fragner – Anna Kašíková – Tomáš Skřivan (edd.), Winternitz Bros. Mills, Prague 2013.

156 pages; Czech, English introduction; ISBN 978-80-01-05343-0 / authors Jakub Bacík, Tomáš Ctibor, Dita Dvořáková, Benjamin Fragner, Petr Herman, Anna Kašíková, Vladimír Lavrík, Pavel Panoch, Pavel Skřivan, Tomáš Skřivan, Kristýna Stará, Daniela Šimková, Olga Škochová Bláhová, Ondřej Teplý, František R. Václavík, Tereza Vokurková, Petr Vorlík, Zdeněk Závodný, Jan Zikmund / contributing editorial work Petr Herman, Kristýna Stará, Daniela Šimková, Vladislava Valchářová, Jan Zikmund / graphic design Tomáš Skřivan / translation Robin Cassling / proofreading Alena Sigmundová, Petr Souček, Kateřina Škodová, Alena Tesková / scientific review Vladimír Hrubý / print Signpek, s. r. o. / published by the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage FA CTU Prague

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