The Pitfalls of Re-use / The Brewery in Buštěhrad

The publication presents the results of a competition of student work focused on architectural projects for adapting the brewery in Buštěhrad for new use. The contest was organised in Prague by the Institute of the Theory and History of Architecture, the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage, and the Heritage Conservation Institute (all at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University).

The book presents the 63 projects that entered the competition. It recounts the history of the brewery, presents the criteria and methodology used to evaluate the projects, and contains writings by teachers and members of the competition jury. The book was published with the support of a grant from the SGS (the Student Grant Fund) of the Czech Technical University (Grant No. SGS 010-802 140) and it was prepared as part of work on the project ‘Industrial Topography – the Adaptive Re-use of Industrial Heritage’ supported by the NAKI programme (National and Cultural Identity) of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.


Benjamin Fragner – Petr Vorlík – Jan Zikmund (edd.), The Pitfalls of Re-use / The Brewery in Buštěhrad, Prague 2011.

110 pages; Czech, English summary; ISBN 978-80-01-04923-5; contributing editorial work Peter Daniel, Matúš Dulla, Irena Fialová, Václav Girsa, Jana Gregorová, Silvie Kránerová, Tomáš Šenberger / graphic design Petr Sládek / print Signpek s. r. o. / published by the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage FA CTU Prague

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