Industrial Topography / Zlín Region (DVD)

The twelfth volume of Industrial Topography is devoted to the Zlín Region. DVD localizes 234 buildings and sites and contains 4 maps.

The DVD is part of a project carried out by the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University with the support of the Ministry of Culture’s programme of applied research on national and cultural identity (NAKI). Its objective is to map industrial heritage in the regions of the Czech Republic. It identifies values and draws attention to the heritage passed down from the industrial age and it seeks opportunities for their adapted new use.


Jan Zikmund (ed.), Industrial Topography / Zlín Region (DVD), Prague 2014.

Czech; ISBN 978-80-01-05552-6 / authors Lukáš Beran, Klára Brůhová, Veronika Fousková, Daniel Froněk, Benjamin Fragner, Anna Kašíková, Miroslav Kindl, Irena Lehkoživová, Linda Mašková, Štefan Molnár, Jan Pechánek, Jana Stará, Milan Starec, Vladislava Valchářová, Martin Vonka, Petr Vorlík, Filip Vrána, Jan Zikmund, Michal Zlámaný / DVD concept Petr Vorlík, René Bezvald / proofreading Blanka Kynčlová / scientific review Ladislav Buchta, Jan Štětina / graphic design Jan Forejt / published by the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage FA CTU Prague in conjunction with the Technical Monuments Committee of the Czech Chamber of Certified Engineers and Technicians and the Czech Union of Civil Engineers and the Association of Historical Settlements in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia