Old factories, utility buildings, production halls, breweries, abattoirs, sugar refineries, hydroelectric stations, reservoirs, mills, waterworks, railway stations, smelting works, limeworks, and mining towers: these industrial buildings and sites are as much a part of the landscape of Bohemia and Moravia and of the image of Czech cities as any historical monument.

This publication presents a selection of such sites in the Czech Republic photographed between 2003 and 2006. It highlights the uniqueness of industrial architecture and introduces readers to a typology of industrial buildings. It captures what we remember of the industrial age, but also suggests directions for the post-industrial use of industrial heritage today, from structural conversions to sites as alternative artistic inspiration. The book is published on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the founding of technical education in the Czech lands. It is the outcome of many years of research and work by heritage professionals and architectural historians and theorists centred around the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage at the Czech Technical University in Prague.


Eva Dvořáková – Benjamin Fragner – Tomáš Šenberger, Industry_Memory_Perception, Prague 2007.

243 pages; Czech, English summary; ISBN 978-80-86652-33-7 / photos Pavel Frič / graphic design Miroslav Kloss / published by the Titanic in conjunction with the Technical Monuments Committee of the Czech Chamber of Certified Engineers and Technicians and the Czech Union of Civil Engineer